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Find a cell tower [Solution?]

How to tell in which direction a cell tower lies
Posted on August 10, 2012 by James
Another great post from Berthold Horn – a rather nifty trick … potentially you don’t even need a data connection to query a database in order to get an approximate bearing on your tower direction (that’s how OpenSignalMaps android app works). From the antenna ID (BID) on CDMA then you can get an approximate bearing. Berthold explains in detail:

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I Want to Write Android Apps. Where Do I Start?

I Want to Write Android Apps. Where Do I Start?EXPAND

Dear Lifehacker,
I have some background in coding, but I’ve never touched Android development before. I’d like to get started, but I’m not entirely sure what I need. I don’t need to “learn to code” per se, but I could use some guidance on where to start with Android. Can you help?

Dreaming of Electric Sheep

Dear Mr. K. Dick,
As you’re probably aware, writing apps for Android is more than just learning code syntax. If you’ve never learned to code, you can check out plenty of resources here. However, there are still a whole host of tools and resources you might not be familiar with that you may need to make Android apps.

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Week 4 Schedule

During Meeting

  • Take attendance
  • Minimum valuable product + Bonus Features
  • Design
    • Wireframing
  • Talk about ideas to make this work
  • Design vs figuring out problem
  • Assign roles and tasks
  • Announcements
    • Axure
    • Office Hours
    • Monday GAI Meetings!

GAI Deadlines

Oct. 26 Present Design to client

Nov 16 Present App to client

Dec 7 Finish App

Six Characteristics That Make a Highly Effective Team


Six Characteristics That Make a Highly Effective Team

Great teams don’t just happen. Those teams that fit together like puzzle pieces are the result of hard work and thoughtful leadership. But what exactly are the things you need to look for when putting together a highly effective team?

This post originally appeared on the Sandglaz blog.

Of course, each member of the team needs to have a great set of skills individually, but they also need to prove they can work well within a team. Yet this is not enough to have a highly effective team.

Members of a highly effective team should feed off each other’s abilities and be able to build a relationship from the ground up.

Here are some of the characteristics of a highly effective team, according to scientific research.

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